Long Road Podcast (Final Episode)

Long Road Podcast (Final Episode)

This podcast was the last podcast of the three episode Long Road Podcast. In this episode we discussed many things. First and foremost we talked about the author’s intent with the writing style that he used. We also talked about different motives/reasons that the author had to write a book like this. We also talked about themes that popped up in the book and what they meant to us. There was also conversation about the ending as some of us felt like it was rushed and slightly unpleasant.

Pages Referenced Pg. 209 This gives us a glimpse of that luck that Chris mentions in the podcasts. The father and the son were on the path to starvation but yet again they find resources that they desperately need in a post apocalyptic world.

Pg. 213 This page shows the father having falsely placed hope and that relates to our question about the man’s faith in God and the boy’s faith as well. We concluded from this that they have indirect faith in God. The man for sure the boy moreless.

Pg. 255 While exploring the beach area for more resources someone steals the man and boy’s cart and they later find him and the man takes it back leaving the man for dead. That was an important point because we got to see how people react to situations like this in a post apocalyptic world.