Lord of the Flies Essay - Yasir Thomas

Not everyone would be able to feel like they’re able to do what they want because the rules and people aren’t to their liking. In, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, most people decided to leave the group and made their own tribe because the previous one wasn’t working out for them. In America, people feel the same way since there’s a lot of criticism and misuse of power. If an entire civilization was able to adjust the rules to meet everyone’s standards, then no one would feel like they’re being exiled by the community or person in power because everyone is satisfied.

In, Lord of the Flies, Jack was the first person who decided to leave the group. At first, he held a meeting to see who wanted him to be the new leader but no one voted for him. The book states, “‘I’m not going to be apart of Ralph’s lot ... I’m going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too’” (127). Jack was so frustrated to the point where he had to separate himself from the others. Ralph was the voted leader of the entire group but couldn’t make any decisions on his own or be brave enough to lead everyone. Jack’s version of a leader at the time was for someone to be brave, a hunter, and ... , but Ralph felt the complete opposite. No one had stood up for Jack which could’ve made him feel like everything was unfair.

In Aditi Khorana’s article, she talked about the story of how her family came to America as immigrants and that she was born here. She also talked about how her life had changed after the election. She said, “In the aftermath of the election, after living in this country for thirty-something years, I truly felt like an exile in my own country. Whatever misgivings, hurt and outrage had till then, largely resided underneath the surface, coming to the fore now and then, now erupted in the form of an uncontrollable moral outrage”. This is saying that now someone in power wants to completely stop more illegal immigrants/refugees from coming in and sending them out, that her family is now in pain. Now that they had made a new home, it’s trying to be taken away from them since they aren’t like everyone else. This relates to the book because ever since Ralph was elected and wasn’t doing his job the right way, Ralph felt like he didn’t fit in and someone else should’ve been elected.

In chapter 9 of the book, Jack held a feast for his tribe and whoever else wanted to join. Everyone in the original group besides a few people had left to go to his feast. The author says, “Even at that distance it was possible to see that most of the boys - perhaps all of the boys - were there” (147). Everyone had left Ralph because there wasn’t any meat and no one there were hunters. Jack’s tribe was filled with hunters and they had meat for everyone to eat. Even though Ralph was focused on getting off of the island, people still wanted to survive and have fun at the same time. This is connected to my thesis because once one person exploits the leader then whoever doesn’t like it would feel the need to leave.

In conclusion, if the rules were bent to benefit everyone, then no one would feel like they earned any power. In the book Jack was the first to leave the tribe because he wasn’t voted for. In my real life example, Aditi felt like she didn’t belong ever since Donald Trump got elected.