Losing yourself

Throughout life people are asked who they are. This is simple at first with people saying their name, address, and ages. As you get older and gain more responsibility your identity changes to your major in college, current or past jobs, and who you are dating. These changes, while small have a great impact on how people perceive themselves. The changes lead, to the problem that today’s society is having. Today’s society Identifies themselves as being apart of multiple systems where there is no defined stability like in relationship and employment.

When people are in a relationship they are supposed to love each other and they are supposed to date and marry someone that makes them happy. When someone has a relationship based on materialistic goods, instead of feeling, it can cause unhappiness in the relationship, which could cause a divorce. Statistics from Mckinley Irvin Family Law States there are 876,000 divorces a year. The amount of divorce there per year is affecting people psychological identity and sudden failure of the opposite spouses will change the personals ideals and point of view of themselves. The loss of am important relationship like a spouse from a divorce changes the other spouse’s point of view. They question their view of themselves as a graduate student to a husband to I am a graduate student and recently divorced. They question what they did wrong and what they could do differently and what negative effect happen in their relationship with their spouse. The break up causing them to losing their identity. When both spouses agree to the divorced there is still a a identity crisis. Both spouse have emotional damage and Identity damage.

People who are workaholic can lose their identity by fully investing their life into their work. If they fully devote their lives to a particular type of work they are more likely to have no other way to define themselves beside their work. Working hard at your job is not a bad thing. They have a higher chance of a raise, promotion, and the ability to network. It can still cause inner conflict with themselves later on in life. Jobs aren’t forever and when  they retire from their jobs that they dedicated their life, what do they have? So much time of a person’s life is spent working to get a perfect job and once they get the job then the goal is to plan for retirement and to pay off student loans. They have little or no time for personal time and fun until retirement. Working in certain fields like medicine can cause a person to not have a chance to define themselves outside of work with eight to ten years in college and residency, While this could cause them to have a higher quality of life, it could also caused them to have a mental issue during like depression and anxiety with little to no outlet to let off stress. The fact that they don't have an outlet for destressing allow them to mentally have a breakdown more easily and lose themselves and who they are. So when retirement comes around they have no idea how to enjoy life because they don't know what to do because they don't really know themself.

The best way to stop people from losing one’s identity  is to stop following the principles of the previous generation. Throughout history people lived and learned from the beliefs of the past generation. With each new generation there a new set of principles that are commonly shared with everyone in that generation .With having ideas for the previous generation being pushed down to the next generation in concern of relationship and jobs. Past generations has there after college experience be to meet someone and they get married and get a job and a mortgage in there early to mid 20’s. They had to take responsibility much earlier than the newer generation. While the principles changes thought out the generation the ideal stayed the same about wanting to be a good spouse and parent and being a valued member of their respective community. The difference from the two generation is a small change of the newest generation having the choice in there early adulthood. This choice caused them to be able to  expression what they want in life before they have to be fully committed to a job. This is something that older generation like bosses and parents doesn’t really understand about the younger generation. These are not the only factor that caused people to lose their self-identity. In 2008 newly graduated college students found the economy in a recession. Student could not get any jobs during that time and this causing them not to know what to do with their life with no job employment in their field and. This made them not know how to fit into the world but these are factors that are man-made. We can all fix and change how we view society idea of a person self image. There identity, makes the next generation can become successful and healthy by the idea only they define their identity.