Lost Time


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Claire Byrnes (Student 2018)
Claire Byrnes

I agree with everyone else that keeping the audience in the dark about the science fiction element was a great strategy. You balanced confusion with mystery really well because I wasn't confused while reading. I'm also wondering about what happened to Evan…

Justin Mack (Student 2018)
Justin Mack

I wasn't too sure where the science fiction part of the story showed, but after I read more towards the end, it showed when he figured out he went back in time. I liked how it was mysterious during most of the story and I didn't know how the outcome of the story will turn out

Sydnye Misero (Student 2018)
Sydnye Misero

In terms of science fiction I think you did a good job. The story seemed pretty normal for most of it, then you show the science fiction twist at the end. I really liked that. After reading this I am having deep thoughts about success in the work place, and how Evan basically cheated his way to success. Also, how did Evan go missing if he can just go back in time and fix that?