Luccas Fonseca - Capstone - SLA's Sky Garden

I started by thinking of an idea that related to my hobbies/interests. I knew I wanted to do something that related to gardening as an idea for my capstone. I kept narrowing my thoughts down and eventually thought of the name for my capstone, SLA’s Sky Garden. I went from wanting to have a garden on SLA’s rooftop to having a greenhouse where anyone could grow plants to gift them to whoever they wanted. I started planting seeds so they could sprout and get people’s attention so they would be asking around about the plants. As the plants matured more people started asking me about them, I told them they were welcome to plant anything they’d like. I received full funding from Braskem so I could proceed with my project the way I wanted. I bought a greenhouse that fit the rooftop the best and asked my friends if they could help me assemble it. After it was assembled I moved in my extra supplies and plants. I was aware that I wouldn’t be able to continue maintaining the greenhouse next year so I approached a junior student who told me they wanted their capstone to be kind of like mine, relating to plants. I offered them the opportunity to base their capstone on mine and they agreed. My final addition to this project is a sign explaining the rules and steps people can take to successfully grow plants.

Process Paper - Luccas Fonseca
Annotated Bibliography-Luccas Fonseca
Finalized Greenhouse
Finalized Greenhouse