Luke's Podcast final product

Luke Sylvia_1
Feminism and Identity is the topic. 


Entering this project my goal was to try something new. I didn't want to do a subject that I would be on board with and I wanted to do one where I'd actually learn instead of doing one I'll contradict. I've known many feminist but often times it has came up but this time I wanted to discuss it with someone who would know more with the experience. So I decided that I'd break the cliche of doing your own parents and work with a friend of my mother's who I've known since birth. It was interesting especially because my mother and her went out and fought for many of the same causes. So my ultimate goal was to learn something new. The work ended up going well as I had trouble cutting from 51:09 to 12:51 and it was disappointing I couldn't add more.

I experienced a lot through this. One thing is that I need cleaner audio as I had to clean it up myself which made it difficult. I originally had two takes but one wasn't as good. The discussion overall went well. We remained on topic and afterwards I learned a lot about their life and family afterwards. Another thing that went well was addressing each question, as they were unavoidable and we clear that I could understand them to which question they correlated too. Another struggle was dealing with background noise. At home I have a pair of brothers who decided it was dinner time and you could hear them a little. I really feel like I learned about feminism and why so many view this patriarchy in the way many people who believe women's rights see it. Finally, it has given  me more insight to an issue that could be hard for me especially as a male to understand

I believe music is distracting