mabintu donzo Q1


I do this work because I feel like the world is becoming more and more trashy.  I believe we can work together to make the world a clearer place for the animals and ourselves. Every day I see people Littering and not knowing they are killing the animals and affecting the air we are breathing.  There are trash in the north pacific gyre that about the size of the state Texas. my question is why  so many trash  in the middle of the ocean? that show how we as a whole are not civilize. My goals are to get this message through everyone and make sure they understand that they are affecting the world and all living things in it including us. It wouldn’t hurt to put trashes in the trashcan.


My project is on a green bored because I want people to be greener to the world and shows how greener our world can get by not littering. I draw my world map instead of buying the map because I feel like is better to draw it because I’m showing that i cared about the world and to also show how art have a part in this project. I draw the map with a black crayons because I want people to see the outline of all seven continents.



My current work I do them because I had to do them and I do them with out trying to send a message through it but this one I’m trying to get people attention and understand the message behind my art. Art wasn’t always my thing because I thought art had no purpose and you can’t express yourself with art like how you can with words. I was wrong because I’m expressing how I feel about the world and how seeing the world like this affects me.