Macaroni Tuna Sala by Nia Berry

Tuna Macaroni Salad



4 Brown Organic eggs

2 pouches of Ronzoni Pasta Portions: elbow

½ cup Miracle Whip Mayonnaise (vary to preference)

Lawry’s Season Salt (vary to preference)

Old Bay Seasoning (vary to preference)

2 cans of Chicken of the Sea Solid White: Albacore tuna




1.     Boil 2 pouches of pasta in 1 quart of water for 5minutes.

2.     Boil 4 brown eggs for 10 minutes.

3.     Drain and serve pasta into a large bowl

4.     Open, drain and serve 2 cans of tuna into large bowl with pasta

5.     Apply about ½ a cup of mayonnaise into bowl and mix contents of the bowl thoroughly.

6.     Add a moderate amount (2 teaspoons each) of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and Old Bay seasoning and mix (continue to taste and add more season as seen fit).

7.     Un-shell and dice eggs into bowl and mix one last time.




Based on the ingredients used to make my meal, about 60% of my meal is processed being made of processed tuna fish and mayonnaise.


 My entire meal totaled in 315mg cholesterol. 3,230mg sodium, 33g fat, 600mg potassium, 128g carbs, 6g dietary fibers, 6g sugars, 46g protein, and 1,630mg calories. The amount of sodium in my meal could cause serious high blood pressure and other health risks and the amount of calories (1,630mg) in my meal is half of the suggested 2,400-calorie intake for women, so eating everyday would not be healthy. Also be reminded that this is all only in one serving.


All ingredients used in my meal were made and packed in the United States; ranging from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey California. The Chicken of the Sea Tuna Fish traveled the furthest being from San Diego, California. Only my eggs were organically grown.


  This meal cost about $15. In comparison to fast food, my meal may be equal in health risk somewhat, but it is not a meal to be eaten regularly. Also my meal is a bit more expensive when buy ingredients as a whole. The USDA regulates these ingredients.

Self Reflection


Being a person who has never once questioned what is on the back, ingredients and nutrient labeling of her everyday boxed processed food, this unit in science and society has changed my view and importance in food in multiple ways. From the identifying of terms and ingredients, the creation and modification of said ingredients and how these process of modified and organic foods has drastically effected America economically and health wise.


The initial assignment of simply reading what the ingredients were on a meal I had recently eaten was only step one of opening my eyes to the food I consume. After a discussion in class about the definition and creditability of certain terms found on the labeling of boxed/canned foods, I learned that terms like “Low-Fat” and “Natural” are not USDA regulated meaning; any thing claimed to be any percent less fat (even if it’s only 1%) than it’s original form can be considered “low fat” without any higher authority confirmation. It was facts that like and many others that alone made me more conscious of the ingredients in our foods.


Step two in discovering the truth behind our food was actually watching the documentary movie, “Food Inc” which had a range of discussion topics. It talked about the treatments of both animals and workers, the process of making food, the cost of food and how it economically effects America, the health causes of genetically modified foods, the political aspects of the food system and overall how as consumers, we have a large role in the food system and are capable of changing it.  My group in particular took the chapter, “Shocks to the System” which discussed how an consumers, we are becoming slightly more conscious of the products/produce we purchase and this is partially due to the price inflammation and comparison of organic verses genetically modified. Stores like Wal-Mart have even gone “Green” in order to comply with costumers and appeal to high-class costumers who have begun to notice the difference between organic and genetically modified.


Step 3 was taking what I’ve learned and applying it into my life by creating a meal that was ideally healthy and free of genetically modified ingredients (homemade being the main objective).  My choice in meal was Macaroni Tuna Salad, made with whole organic brown eggs. Along with other classmates who made healthy meals, I found that eating healthy, some organic foods was just as delicious and simple to make as the usual fast food, boxed, and processed food that so many of us are used to.