Macbeth BM- Stay Slayin


 I kill for my crown dawg I kill for my crown... Stay slaying, people tryna get on to me, I kill for my crown


Uh, I'll kill for my crown

Dippin and slippn like Vick on 4th down

He’s down for whatever

His time is now

To kill king Duncan

It’s about to go down

Like keysha Cole,  mac was heavan sent

“Naught had all spent here our desire without consent”

They overcame obstacles climbed em just like a fence

They were invincible, superman clark kent

 He thought he was schooling these Boys, Macbeth Master Dean.

Now he lives like “A coward in thine with own esteem”

He was chilling with the jacksons “living the dream”

But quickly realized that reality wasn’t what it seemed

He tries to tell his wife but she Don’t understand

Saying that he should “go get some water and wash this witness from your hands”

Hours on end, macbeth was a little creeped

With Voices Vocalizing “Macbeth has murdered sleep”

Lady mac wanted the “Life” By Any MEANS.

But She accused him of hating the crown that he’s redeemed

Lady had the scoop like grave yard shovel.

Saying “Tis the eye of childhood that feared a painted devil”

But she was a Snake that kept Hissing when talking.

Until one night she was caught slipping, Sleepwalking.

I think the moral of the story is “For one to understand”

“All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this hand”

It was too late she did what she did

She was overwhelmed with the guilt that she hid

She couldn’t hide it anymore

No matter how hard she tried

Her innocence slowly drifted away

Like a 5’Oclock Ocean Tide.

Her ambtion was flawless

 And done with such pride

Maybe that’s reason why she commited suicide.








Macbeth BM 2

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