Macbeth Creative Piece

​My creative piece is about the downfall of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as to where my written piece is only about the downfall of Lady Macbeth.  The creative piece took me a while only because I am not a very artistic person.  My first idea was to draw a castle crumbling on one end and on the other it is perfectly fine but I am not good at drawing elaborate pictures like that.  So I stuck with the castle idea but changed it up a but and I still kept the same concept.  The hardest part of the project was probably thinking of a project that would be not just fit in with the others and I am pretty sure I am the only one in the class with a power point.  I'm proud that I came up with my own type of project because all of my life I just did what every one else did.  If I could change something I would add more slides.  I learned that other people also did very individual projects and I found out that when I put my mind to something I come up with some good ideas.
MacBeth Creative Piece