Macbeth creative portion-August Polite



This diagram/poster displays the similarities between the stories of AMC's Breaking Bad and Shakespeare's Macbeth. Although the two stories are not directly related in many aspects, general themes are transferable between them. I flushed out the majority of these within the chart by illustrating them in a simplified form. I tried to incorporate my quotes into the illustrations by having each of the relations correlate to one or more of the quotes I chose. 


a. My project was about relating the themes that Shakespeare created in Macbeth and seeing how they relate to media in modern times. The ideas and story telling devices in Macbeth are still very viable options for writers to use today. 

b. I tried to make an easy-to-understand chart that displayed the similarities and story sections/themes.

c. At first it was difficult to draw all of the characters in a consistent style, but after a few drafts I got the hang of it and started on the final. I am not that good with photoshop, but this was a good learning experience for future projects. 

d. I am most proud about the style I used to draw all of the characters. I think they turned out really well. I used the Macbeth charter designs from the Patrick Stuart version, and those characters worked very well along side the Breaking Bad characters.

e. I would find a way to incorpate the quotes better into the actual art; I think that flaw might be the downfall of my project.

f. I learned about making a good vocal presentation to the audience.

g.I learned that when you are really invested in part of the project and you put your best work into it, it becomes less of a chore. I really wanted this project to reflect some of my skills, and not to be sloppy. 

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