madeline descriptive essay

Madeline walls


Crash! My head jerks towards the unexpected sound. It was my best friend fighting with her ex over the couch looks of shock plastered to their faces. I follow their stares to the floor they had knock over the table which held my moms favorite candle. Panic fell over me as the shock faded from the two sitting in front of me. They jumped up and started a heat argument this made my face twitch and my heart kick into over time.

“Look what you did you idiot” screamed the boy. “Me? You’re the who slammed me into the side.” She hissed back. This argument continued for a while but all I could think about was that I had let my friend come over because she had promised me she wouldn’t fight with him, who was always at my house being my brother’s best friend. I couldn’t believe they had the nerve to use enough violence to knock the table over. I just started screaming at them my face hot. “ Are you kidding me how dare you two come into my house and disrespect my home? I trusted you two to be more mature you guys promised I cant…” But just then my moms walk out and I started shacking in fear. Her face was sad she looked at me and hung her head; I thought she was mad at them but truly she was disappointed in me. “Maddie you should over react like this you can’t let a candle ruin your whole day. You can always buy a new candle but you can never buy a new friend.”

When forced to examine natural human reaction you can see that some reactions are uncalled for and just make the situation worse. Instead of taking a moment to judge the situation people react without thinking which creates an unfair judgment on what to do this creates a lot of unfair conflict which will could later result in the end of a relationship or eve n worse the end of a life. I believe it’s important to learn from my mistakes and see what heated arguments can cause for me they have never done more then upset me for no reason but for other they can do a lot worse.

When I was younger my parents used to fight a lot but it was always over the little things and never about anything important. At one point it looked like it was going to end the marriage lucky for me it didn’t because they realized they were spending too much time on the little things and were ignoring the big things. I sadly developed these quick outbursts of emotions, which can easily kill a relationship and this scares me. For many marriages people never learn this lesson, which is why I believe that most marriages that end didn’t work out. In less you take time to see the whole picture and parts where you might be at flat you will never fix the problem and it will just become worse.

For example of when I have over reacted here was a time in my life. The room was black but wasn’t quiet the sounds of the music playing from the open laptop blared. I walked in using my small blue cell phone to light my way. Little did I know it didn’t light up well enough to help me avoid tripping because before I knew it smack! I hit the floor. The person on the couch jumped up as my head span mixing all the different shadows together I felt sick from fear. Angry grunting sounds of anger started from the couch the noises blended together. “Ouch.” Was the only moan that left my lips before the yelling started. “What are u doing it’s 3 in the morning?” the pounding of the voices footsteps heading towards the light switch echoed in my head. When the switch was flicked the light that flooded from the ceiling made the spinning worse colors joined the dancing shadows until the show became only color. I grew nauseous but that angry face staring back at me forced me to keep quiet. At the time I didn’t know this face well he had only come over a few times and was my older brothers friend so we never said more then hello to each other. The face was young way younger then the massive body that it was attached to he had to be over 6ft which made me more nerves but that face was so young and those eyes they held something the more I looked the less they looked like anger and the more they looked like something else. Looking up at the face I realized that fear was on face not anger it was compassion and sympathy that stared back at me. He walked over to me on his baby face grew a smile his hand reached out to mine less fear and spinning I took it and was lifted towards the air. “Are you okay what hurts you want me to get your mom.” he said. “ No I’m okay I just banged my head don’t get my mom I’ll be fine I’m just going to go back to sleep I think I can go back to sleep again.” I said no fear now. “How about you stay up for an hour that’s what my mom makes me do I don’t think you should sleep yet we can watch TV and get to know each other.”  He said with concern but kindness the kind of voice that can draw you in. So we did and laugh had great time and that was the beginning of a great friendship.

That night instead of waiting and to see or thinking of what would happen I immediately judged the situation and assumed the worse this cause unneeded stress and caused me to feel physically ill. Really I wasn’t hate he had felt towards me it was concern but I had prejudged who he was before even getting to know him. When I was trying to walk into the living room I saw him right away as a dangerous person he was my enemy. Thinking about it now my theory of who he was didn’t make sense why would a guest at your house be mad at you for getting hurt. 

When I was reflecting on this sense it showed that it could have also worked in the opposite way I could walk past a friendly looking lady who needs help with her bags. I could bring them into her house and she could kill me, it shows how easy it is to miss judge because you would never assume that the women would hurt you. It is important to think before your actions. Knowing that your first reaction may not always be right may also go to far. Constantly watching from the sideline and waiting to see can cause you to miss out on a lot in life. It is important to have healthy balance of caution and instinct when judging a moment. If doctors’ miss judge people die police officers miss judge they could die or innocent people could get lock behind bars for something they didn’t do while the guilty go free. You must think carefully about the decisions that you make. You never know what results they could have.