Maggie Hohenstein Capstone

I created a book full of stories collected from my family members. The stories are organized by date so that when read front to back the book tells the story of our family with as much detail as possible. There are pictures throughout that match with some of the stories, and add a visual representation of us and our lives. At the end of the book is a large selection of blank pages so that people can continue to record stories and memories as they happen. The most important part of this project was collecting the stories. I did this through an interview process. My family is very large, so I only managed to interview approximately half of them. Each person told a story that they thought of when they heard the word family. Then I transcribed what they said, and organized it all into a book. Not only did I learn about my family through this process, but I also learned about how to encourage people to open during an interview, and how to format other's stories into a cohesive piece. This project represents an important part of how I became the person I am, and is set up to continue so that future members of my family will be able to look back and see how we, as a group, have changed through the years. 

Hohenstein Family Book Excerpt
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