Mark Gucciardi-Kriegh Capstone

For my capstone I wanted to push my content creation to it’s limits, so I created numerous new pieces of artwork across a variety of different mediums. My goals were to have two semester long project as well as producing a variety of smaller pieces across the year, eventually compiling them all into a personal portfolio website. Over this past year I have taken over 100 photos, designed 50 unique pieces in photoshop, recorded a podcast, and shot 3 videos.

The process of creating the work wasn’t as challenging as compiling it into a final website to serve as a portfolio, since my work spans across many different mediums. Balancing several projects at once was also a challenge, eventually I stopped recording my podcast because of this, and the music video I shot isn’t in the best shape it could be.

Over the course of the year I have seen a vast improvement in what I have made, comparing the first short video I shot to the second really showcases the jump in quality and confidence in my work. Overall I’m very proud of my capstone, despite falling victim to my own ambition. The skills I have learned and developed through this process will stay with me for the foreseeable future.

Link to website (due to hosting issues it hasn't been updated to latest build)
Link to my instagram and youtube hosting most of my content from this year.