Markietra Keese Annotations

Schwartz, Ian. Philadelphia Mayor On Teen Violence: This Nonsense Must Stop, Philadelphia, 10 August,2011.

This website is the mayor addressing the people in Philadelphia about the flash mobs that have been happening in recently. He talks to parents about controlling their children, and trying to keep the city as peaceful as possible. Everyone must work together for it to work.

White, Taesha M. "How Do You Help Teens." Personal interview. 14 Feb. 2013.

I interviewed my sister Taesha. She has been in city programs since she was 14 and has been working with teenagers ever since. She gave me a very detailed interview of what it like to wrk with teenagers. 

Socolar, Paul. District On-Time Graduation Rate Surpasses 60 Percent. Philadelphia Neighborhoods: The Notebook, February 2012.

This website shows a graph of the graduation rate of city from the years of 2002-2011. Most of the graphs shows a increase of people graduating in Philadelphia. The city has a goal to get an increase of students graduating between 4-6 years to 80% by 2014. What the city is doing to get their students to graduate on time is working.

Kefalas, Jason. Philadelphia Youth Solutions Project, Saint Joseph’s University: 2011.

This website gives a bunch of information about teen violence and how they help teenagers. It shows statistics and gives information on the most type of violence that happen in the city. I wanted to find a source that helped teenagers in philadelphia and explained in details how they do it. This helps support my interview that I gave by showing that there are places for teens to get help. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youth’s Violence: State Statistics, Atlanta Georgia: 13 May 2011.

This website is the other website with graph. it shows homicide rates for mean and women between the ages of 10-24. One of the graphs that shows ethnicity proves that minorities/ blacks are the main reason for all of these homicides in Philly.