​Marriage Application Flow Chart: Amaris & John

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For our task we had to do the process of marriage in Philadelphia. In our flow chart we went through each step on how to get married in Philadelphia. The first few steps were simple, but then it has its ups and downs and being to get complex. We started with out simple steps from first finding your true love to and if you wanted to get married, then through out the chart we have you read through various things and we add little notes that you have to do. For example in the chart there's a part where you have to stop and read for a note and it says "Note #1: You need to pay $80.00 for the marriage license" and then we also added a different note below it it saying "Note #2: You can't pay by credit cards or check. If someone was to get married or wanted to they could use this process to get married in Philadelphia.

If you look at out flow chart above you can see that its not very hard to follow. We worded the different points simple so that anyone could be able to follow it. The paper work process wasn't that hard to deal with. It was only one sheet and all you had to do was  fill out the information on who we were. It was very straightforward asking for where we lived, when were we born, what were our parents names, and additional information. Since it was only one sheet it didn't take long to get finished.

If there was one thing that I could change our project it would be the formatting on how we laid our chart out. I feel as though if someone is using it and they get distracted they will lose their spot. If this was done differently we could maybe have the chart going up and down in a curve. I feel as though if its like that then you would actually know how the chart flows and not just see lines pointing in different directions to follow a process. I don't think that our system for the marriage process is complicated at all. Its very easy and straight forward to go along with. If you're reading our flow chat make sure to take your time and go through every step, you could find yourself getting lost and confused if you don't read carefully. Overall I feel as though our flow chart is very easy to follow and a good process to follow if you and your partner want to get married. This project was really cool to do and I would do it again if we had a choice to, I will use this in the future hopefully. I thought this project was very helpful to newly weds.