Marshall's Q3 Globalization BM

My benchmark

The countries I used were Rwanda and Iran, two countries that have been in and out of wars for the last few decades. For each of the five points of collapse, I would research what the status of the issue had been for the last 40-80 years. If the problem was only getting worse, I would give it lower than a five, if it was steadily increasing, I would give it more than a five. How much more/less than a five I'd give the issue was dependent on the severity of the problem within the country. The only part of the five point framework which was difficult to analyze was the society's response to environmental damage. Friendly trade partners tied in with hostile neighbors, and environmental damage tied in with climate change. The societies response was always difficult to find because there are so many different opinions on the matter. If I could change one thing about my project, I'd make it more creative or visually appealing. I'm satisfied with the information I got, but visual appeal has never been a strong suit.