Mas'ud Jamal's Capstone 2022

My name is Mas’ud and I attended Charter High school for Architect & Design (CHAD) for 9th and 10th grade. In June of 2020, my school closed down permanently also, this was the year of Covid 19. However, I ended up becoming an SLA student during my junior year. Stress would be an understatement with navigating junior year being virtual and attending a rigour more academically excelling school. At first, I was going to do my capstone on Human Trafficking but I scratched that idea. I wasted time not asking for help due to my shyness, being a new student, and trying to keep up with my grades. I decided on Pollution for my capstone. I selected Mr. Lehmann to be my mentor. When it came down to brainstorming my idea it was a real struggle because I didn’t have a clear insight into what a capstone project truly consist of. During my research on Pollution, I came across Hydroponic Gardening Systems (a method of growing plants without soil) I found this to be very interesting. Finally, after doing a more in-depth research on the benefits of Hydroponics, I concluded this would be my Capstone Project. My capstone aligns with Science Leadership Academy core values. My inquiry question is How can having a hydroponic garden promote an engaging learning environment, uplift communities, and teach healthy food selection at Science Leadership Academy High School? I had a great deal of support from my Environmental Science teacher Ms. Gade, Principal Lehmann, Ms. Martin (advisor) and some family members. Below are links to view my work.


Annotated Bibliography: