Mask Off

Lauryn, Lauren, Zaire

Title of Podcast: Mask Off
Title of Episode: Recovering the Undercover

What We Talked About: 
In this episode we talked about figurative speech and how that has affected us as the readers. The book we are currently reading is called "The Bluest Eye". One of the main things we focused on was the meaning behind marigolds and what they actually represented in the book. The author mentioned that no marigolds rose that season because Pecola happened to get pregnant by her Father which was a sin. The idea of plants, seeds, and growth played a big role in this reading because it focused on becoming a woman, pregnancy, and how sins committed in the world would turn into God punishing everyone about them.

"We had dropped our seeds in our own little plot of black dirt just as Pecola's father had dropped his seeds in his own plot of black dirt. Our innocence and faith were no more productive than his lust or despair. What is clear now is that of all of that hope, fear, lust, love, and grief, nothing remains but Pecola and the unyielding earth. Cholly Breedlove is dead; our innocence too. The seeds shriveled and died; her baby too."

"Quiet as it's kept, there were no marigolds in the fall of 1941."

(All page numbers are not in the book.)