Mask Off: Episode 2

Podcast Name: Mask Off
Group Members: Zaire, Lauren, Lauryn
Episode Title: Literary Lenses

For this episode, we will dig in once again to "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison. The main focus on this episode is the different lenses that we chose to discuss regarding the book and the characters. We used the Feminist Lens as well as the New Historicist Lens. We used both of the lens to look deeper into how two of the main characters were treated. One was an older lady who spent her life taking care of others instead of herself and the other was a little girl who was always being blamed for things that were out of her control. 

"Suddenly Pecola bolted straight up, her eyes wide with terror. A whinnying sound came from her mouth. 
"What's the matter with you?" Freida stood up too.
Then we both looked where Pecola was staring. Blood was running down her legs. Some drops were on the steps. I leaped up. "Hey. You cut yourself? Look. It's all over your dress."
A brownish-red stain discolored the back of her dress. She kept whinnying, standing with her legs far apart.
Frieda said, "Oh. Lordy! I know. I know what that is!"
"What?" Pecola's fingers went to her mouth.
"That's ministratin'." (27)

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