Matos, Joziah Capstone

My original idea was to go fast unreasonably fast (with caution, of course), but excitingly. I wanted to accomplish that by building a go-kart that can do just that so I can participate in race leagues and have fun. That idea got shot out the sky after talking to my mentor, Sal Desantis, where he told me that the go-kart would take too long. Instead of trying to go fast, we thought, why don't we focus on the skill of driving and make “good” driving [in terms of skill] cheaper. That was when the Idea of the Endo Performance Model T2 came to be. This device is supposed to take your ability to drive and turn it into numbers that can be graphed by tracking speed, location, time, and rotation while the car is moving and storing it to an SD card for later use. Using the information gathered, you'll be able to see your fastest or slowest lap around a track and see how you can either improve upon it or learn from it. Annotated Bibliography: