Matthew Ferry Capstone

Student Name:

Matthew Ferry

In school mentors’ names:

Brad Latimer, Jeremy Spry

Out-of-school mentor’s name and affiliation:

Fred Brown, Assistant Track and Field/XC Coach at Germantown Friends School

Topic Summary:

The goal of this project was to develop a deeper understanding of long-distance running plans and athlete development, blending these together to provide athletes training plans unique to their needs.

Project Abstract:

This project was inspired by my senior year cross country season, when I was responsible for creating training plans for myself and several other athletes. Although I have created training plans for myself in the past, this was the first time I was responsible for creating training plans for others. This not only required me to research the fundamentals of training, but also to learn each athlete’s unique strengths and weaknesses. I worked with Fred Brown, an assistant-coach at Germantown Friends School, whose program has been very successful (having one or more national qualifier every season). Working with Coach Brown I learned the importance of communication and inquiry in creating athlete specific training. As a result of this project, I was able to further my understanding of individualized coaching methods. I hope to continue this work both as an aspiring coach and by sharing my findings with the runners at SLA.

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