Mayah Gold Capstone

For my Capstone, I wrote a play to share with my community. Originally, I would have also put the play on had the school year not ended too soon. I wanted my senior project to be about something that I find joy in, but also challenged me. Theatre has always had a special place in my heart and is a passion I know I will have for a long time, leading my interest to a project in that field. I knew that putting on the play would be the easier and more enjoyable portion for myself, but writing a play from scratch would be the part of this project that challenged me the most. I wanted my project to be something that other students at SLA interested in theatre could be a part of and create together. Now, I hope my play can teach students about playwriting itself, or give them inspiration for a topic. In order to complete this Capstone, I did the most thinking without writing for a long time. I continued to go back and forth on my ideas, struggling to stick on one. However, after the huge amounts of brainstorming and doubting my own ideas, when I eventually landed on one I felt excited about, I began to write. After that, a large part of playwriting was receiving feedback from my peers to then revise and make it better. I am incredibly proud of myself for putting the work in and making something that I enjoy. Secondly, I am very proud that I so accurately captured the feel of the story I told.

Below is an excerpt of my play:

(Dimitri stands up, removes an inflatable couch from his backpack and shakes it until it’s inflated. While this is happening the rest of the counselors are having low murmured conversations, laughing, and lounging around. Also while this is happening Reese and Ella are close together and laughing.) (Dimitri sits down on the couch. Reese goes and sits beside him, while Ella follows behind. Everyone is still in their respective groups. The three of them sit on the couch, Ella and Reese remain looking at each other and sitting close together)

Capstone 2020 Finished Product_ Tonight
Capstone Annotated Bibliography Final (2)