McCarthy Unabridged: The Road Page 286


The passage below is what I think was cut from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road while he was writing the book.

The group passed through abandoned cities and towns and looked for things to eat and drink. Everyday the boy would talk to his papa so he didn’t forget about him. He would tell him about the things he was experiencing and the things he was learning. He would tell him about the different animals that he learned. He would tell him that he is still carrying the fire and that they would find the good guys.

After traveling for a while the group reached a submontane. They decided to climb for a while before making camp. The mountain was burned like a fire had happened. The man looked around to find anything they could use. There used to be many animals that would live in these mountains he said. The little girl was startled by something in a dried up stream.

Whats over there?

Its the remains of a deer.

Why is it there?

It must have tried to get away from the fire but got trapped.

The man then went over and searched to see if there was anything there. When he searched it he found that it had rotted down to the bone. He then turned and went back and they continued climbing the mountain.


The piece I have written will be inserted on page 286 right before the part with the trout. I chose this place because it is supposed to lead up to the part with the trout at the end which in the book just happened right after he joined the man with the shotgun. The piece is supposed to show a little of the boy traveling with the man and his family and how he is still talking to his papa. The boy in my piece however doesn’t have much of a conversation with the others that much. However I did have it so that that boy still had his curiosity. I made it like how it was in the beginning of the book where he didn’t talk much unless he was curious about something. The motif was animals since the man was remembering the animals that used to live up in the mountains. Also when the little girl finds the skeleton of a deer that had long been dead and decayed into nothing but bones. The theme I chose was memories. While they are climbing up the mountain I had it so that the part with the trout at the end of the book would be the man remembering what was in the dried up stream. I wanted to keep with the question about what happened to the world. In this book we were guessing what had happened that caused all of this so I wrote this in a sense that you would still be wondering what exactly caused all of this to happen.

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