MDMA The Party Drug

MDMA also known as Molly or a stronger version of  Ecstasy or even Scooby Snacks was created by Anton Kollisch who wanted to make a pill or drug that could help soldiers with PTSD and abnormal bleeding, but the strong was really too strong . It made the soldiers happier but at the same time they couldn't think right. BY the 1940’s-50’s, mixed with other chemicals and ground down into a powder that turned into a easy popping pill, or heated to be shot using a needle MDMA became a popular party drug. People who take MDMA or Molly found that they were a lot happier.  Your brain floods with at least three or more neurotransmitters like, Serotonin, Dopamine or even Norepinephrine that gave you more energy and could focus more. At the same time your senses would be heightened such as seeing and hearing clearer (hence why it’s used a lot in clubs and concerts). Some consider it as a world of psychedelic colors.When taken as a pill it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to enter your system or bloodstream and the effects begin. It last about 3-6 hours depending how it was made and the dosage. Even though there are positive effects from using Molly there’s always negatives. Impaired judgment, False sense of affection, Confusion, Depression and Anxiety, Sleep problems and insomnia, Paranoia, Muscle tension, Faintness and chills or swelling the common Nausea and if Molly is taken often it can lead to usage of other and stronger drugs.


Since MDMA is a party drug it is commonly used by high school students, college students and some adults.  Because it is so cheap ranging from $25-40, 1 out of every 10 college students have experimented with Molly and  98% of college students who had used ecstasy had also used marijuana. Sometimes MDMA is replaced with PMA which is another cheaper version to look like Molly but because each dose isn’t as strong you buy and use more making it easier to OD. People should also know the difference between Molly and Ecstasy even though they both come from the same chemical compound. Ecstasy is mixed with other drugs or chemicals like rat poison, bath salts, baking soda, LSD. Compared to Molly which is straight MDMA they both a lethal but Ecstasy could be considered cheaper. Because teenagers are still going to be partying and going out there’s been an increase of Molly consumption (especially in the US).


I did research on MDMA for my chemistry BM I wanted to share some of the information I found out. I had to do more research on what’s really happening in the brain that makes the pill works the way it does. I like parties and it’s could be warned about what’s out there and what people are really getting into. It’s something like teenagers do dabble in a lot of things during college and Molly could be one of them. We’re all going to college soon and it’s good to know what’s what.


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