Media Fluency: "Me Magazine" Slide - William Huang

William Huang
From a single glance, my slide seems very basic. It has my name, two words, and some rectangles with lines. Allow me to explain their significance.

Going beyond is something I live by in life. There is no point in living a life that many have already lived. That is the basis and core of my slide. The color choice is to show contrast: it is easy to see the image portrayed, even with its simple design. There really isn't a lot of things going on. This is an intended design choice, because you don't want to be bombarded with details.

The picture is of a staircase. The steps to the staircase becomes lighter and lighter as you go up, symbolizing that not many people are able to achieve higher greatness, therefore, the "cleaner" steps. Additionally, the higher you go, the bar of the railing becomes thinner. This represents how the higher you go, the more risky and unstable things can be, until you finally reach the top, where the railing stops. In my life, I wish to be somewhere higher on the stairs. I don't want to be in the ocean of people crowded at the bottom. 

"There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wondered what happened." - Tommy Lasorda