Media Fluency

In technology class, we had to make a slide all about us using the links given about how to design a good looking slide. The slide was supposed to show that we understood what the links were saying. 
For my “All About Me Slide,” I wanted to make a slide that looked plain, yet eye-catching. On the slide design link, it says to use large font sizes and colors with a lot of contrast. Thats why I went with a white background and a bright blue heading. Also, Zach Holman says his slides aren’t made to be looked at by people who didn’t see his talk in person. To anyone who just looks at my slide, they see my name and pictures. Thats how I wanted it to be, so that people had to listen to what I have to say in order to understand what I wrote. From the Presentation Zen link, I learned to make my slide visual. That means to make it noticeable, understandable, and rememberable. The link also says that slides are visual aids, not “text aids.” That is exactly why I made my slide with pictures and no full sentences.


From the presentations last week, I learned to keep things extremely simple and spaced out. My slide was already simple, so I had to change the spacing of the letters in my name. I made it so that they aren't so close together, so now there isn't as much of an empty space. 

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Greta Haskell (Student 2016)
Greta Haskell

i think your slide is good but i think that if you were going to make it even better, you should make your name more centered. it s good and simple and easy to read.