Media Fluency

Before starting the slide, I read over the Presentation Zen to see how the slide should look like. At first I wasn't sure what I should put on the slide to talk about myself. Once I decided what to do, I had to figure out how I was going to organize everything I learned in the Presentation Zen. I had gone through a few different arrangements before I settled on this one.
I tried to use all of the elements of font, background, pictures, and colors to create the project. When I typed everything up, I tried to make the font big so that you could see it from anywhere. It also would grab your attention quickly. I also had the fonts in colors that contrasted each other. I wanted it to all flow together into one. I had the background big so that it bled off the page. I also left some empty space to balance the presentation.

Media Fluency
After presenting the slide to the class I learned a few new things. I needed to not create to give some space between the edge and the words so that it does not seem uncomfortable to the eye. Also you need a contrast so that you can see the difference between things. Another thing I learned is to have everything cohesive; you can't have like four different random things.  
Media Fluency #2 (1)