Media Fluency

My slide is a never ending road and a cookie as a sun. I thought it would be boring if I just put a road and a sun. It would show that I put no thought in it, so I had to think of something else. The thing I had to think about was something that produced light and energy. Immediately I thought of a cookie. A cookie can bring out the energy of a person and the energy of a person can lighten a room, with laughter, smiles, or even more energy. I used the rule of the thirds by putting the road diagonally so it can be balanced through out the entire slide. For the cookie to look like a sun, I put it in the left hand corner, because I didn't want to crowd up the right hand side. I put the quote on the top left instead of the right corner because the right was already full with the road, and the left had a bigger space than the right. I learned about the rule of thirds and how it can effect a slide and how important it is to use it correctly. I also learned that every detail is important because every little detail, whether it's right or wrong, can be criticized and noticed. 
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