Media Fluency

I am a big time chocoholic. I like chocolate candies, chocolate pretzels, and even chocolate covered chocolate. Whenever it is in my presence I literally go “coo-coo for cocoa puffs.” In my family I have always been known as a chocolate lover, knowing this as it still shows today brings back precious memories. In my slide it views a picture of chocolate shreds in the shape of a heart and quote on top. The picture on my slide includes empty space. After reading the 7th lesson (“Empty Space”) on the presentation zen website I decided to design it this way so it wasn't viewed as extremely serious. My slide also includes large sized text. I decided to include this in my slide so that it stands out. I also got this idea from the presentation zen website, which is talked about in lesson 3(“Make Type Big”).

Sherell Q2 media fluency

Comments (4)

Sianneh Vesslee (Student 2017)
Sianneh Vesslee

The colors you used really complement each other. You used very descriptive words when you explained what you did which was really good. I wonder if you made your love a little bigger, and the font for both chocolate and love. It might be easier to see

Yasmeen Collins (Student 2017)
Yasmeen Collins

I noticed that you did something out of the ordinary which made your slide look unique. I wonder if you thought about changing the colors of the writing so it's easier to see. What if you make it into a darker shade of red because I think the red is nice. Also, I think you should keep the white because anything contrasts with white.