Media Fluency-new slide

     This is how my new slide looks after the changes I have made. Before, my slide did not look as good as I could have been. I did not have many problems other than a very low-resolution images and a few other things. I feel my main problem with it was not using every element of design I had at my disposal. So started with the spacing of everything to utilize the rule of thirds more. I put the quote at the top-left and the picture at the bottom-right. The reason that the quote is a bit distant from the person who said it is because I did not want it to feel very claustrophobic in that corner. The image was very low-res so replaced with this one and put it in the corner. I also did not make it as big as the other to keep it from looking that way. What I learned about this kind of design was the amount of depth that it has. There are many different elements to it. Some help some elements and others counteract them. It is a more trial and error type of process.    
Tech slide (Refined)