Media Fluency( revised)

The thing that I changed in this part was that I added less pictures and some words. I made sure that the words are centered and the pictures are large enough so they can see it. Another thing is that I contrasted the pictures so people can see it. Another thing is that I kept the same background color I believed that it catch the viewer's eyes. The research is very important because you have to know how to make it right and how to do it and how to design the slides so it can impress people. 

Comments (4)

Mackenzie Hopkins (Student 2020)
Mackenzie Hopkins

the contrast in this slide works well because you have your bright eye catching blue, and then black and white pictures that pop off it. I'd try to find a different picture about soccer because the "mode" takes away from the whole blue theme

Ruby Ginsburg (Student 2020)
Ruby Ginsburg

Your slide works because of the simplicity in colors. I think the colors in the images contrast nicely with the background color. But, I also think the red in the word "mode" kind of throws off the color scheme. Also, each image is spaced differently from the edge of the slide, making it look uneven.