Media Fluency(Second Chance)

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From the critique of my peers that I presented my second slide to, I made a few key changes. One of the changes that I made was all of the spacing between all of my pictures that made it distracting to the eye with the already moving gif pictures and the multi-colored, moving background. The actual change that I made was a more basic background, and only one gif image, Which balanced the movement by being unbalanced. What I mean by this is that the Moving image was in the middle of two non-moving images.
Another major change that I made was making big wording with multiple colors that contrasted with color of the background behind them.

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Jayden Tull (Student 2020)
Jayden Tull

This slide is really good. The image of Kevin Hart in the middle was really smart because he is first thing you see a he is very famous and it makes people want to know more.