Media Fluency Alfaro-Allah

The reason I made this slide the way it looks right now is because the people in my background came off to me as very determined and cool. Also you can see that I stayed with a simple look but also a very late night relaxing sleepy background. The reason why is because every time I think of jazz I think of winter and old school Noir detective. I was influenced making this the way it is because I think of jazz as very simple to look at but a very complex culture and idea. And because my first encounter with jazz in my dad’s car playing smooth jazz while we drove home that winter night. I cropped the image so that it focuses on the musicians a little more than the background. The design of it all is something that I find very relaxing and fun to look at. Such as all the elements like snow, trees and over course the musicians. That’s what makes it so nice to look at.
Tech slide of me magizine