Media Fluency Hanna Dunakin

Slide #2
My slide is a little different than it was before. First I get rid of the cookie because I was told that the cookie made no sense in my slide. I learned that not every blank space in a slide has to be filled, that sometimes just one picture explains it all. To put more color in the slide, I changed the color of the quote from black to yellow, so it would match the color of the paint on the road, and it would pop out a little bit too. To make the picture more exciting I also but the quote inside the road and shaped it in the road as well making it look like paint from the road. I thank everyone who gave me suggestions for my slide and for teaching me about media fluency. I enjoyed this unit very much and I'm very proud of my final product (slide). Everyone should learn about media fluency because it helps get rid of the detail you don't need, and it teaches you that one image can say a lot. I hope to learn more in the future. Thank you!