Media Fluency Slide

Tomas ArangoMedia Fluency

The point of this project was to describe your interests in a efficient way and grab peoples attention. My slide is a picture of airplanes cockpit. Airplanes have always been a big influence in my life. My dad is a pilot and since then being a pilot has always been my dream. I want to travel the world and follow the path of my father. While designing the slide I used an image that doesn't take long to interpret. I wanted to make my slide interesting so I decided to make my image fade off the paper. I enjoyed this project and it taught me any things about presenting and advertising.


After this unit I learned how to design slides and make them interesting but simple. By using colorful images and bold letters my reader can now what is going on in my slide. On my new slide I took out one word and added color contrast to the background of my name. Ms.Hull set us up for failure because she did not tell us what to do with specific details or giving us specific details on how to design a slide.

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