Media Fluency Taylor

For my slide, I decided not to use a normal template as my background. I feel as though the default templates are really boring and don't show any originality. I chose to stick with only a few pictures because I didn't want to over power the focus of my slide, but I still wanted it to be interesting. I used different colors for the words to make them stand out more. Color is always the first thing people notice.

When asked the question who am I, I usually think about the things that are more broad. I'm a girl, I'm 15, I'm a daughter, and a sister. I never really think about my traits or interests though. So for this project, I decided to focus on the things that make me who I am and my interests.

All the words are words that I would use to describe myself and how people have described me.I would say I'm caring because I’m always there for my family and friends. I support them whenever they need it. I'm a poet because I've been writing poetry for years, and it's one of my favorite hobbies. I'm smart because I tend to have bright ideas. I may not be the best in math, but when it comes to English and AfAm History, I tend to excel. For the picture of lush and forever 21, they are my favorite stores.

For the picture of my friends, I added it because they are really important people in my life and they help me when . For the picture of Lana Del Rey, I added her because she is a very influential artist to me. She's the reason I write poetry and her music always puts me in a better mood whenever I'm going through something difficult.

That's my slide! I hope you enjoyed.
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