Media Influency- Marcin Czapla

The reason I made my slide the way it is, is because of new things I learnt online from the links that we were given to us, which were supposed to give us ideas of how a good slide should look, and it did. The first thing I learnt is that the first thing people will notice when looking at your slide are the colors. You should always use colors with lot's of contrast since it makes your words stand out from the background and makes your slide pop out. The reason I chose black and white is because they have the most contrast out of any two colors and its the classic look, but also because it matches nicely with the soccer ball. Another thing I learnt is that your text should be huge, because there shouldn't be a paragraph on your slide, it should be simple and to the point so that people don't have to read your slide. The reason for this being, you're slides are supposed to back your words up, your words shouldn't back up your slide. I also used quite a bit of "white space" or emptiness in my slide so that when you look at it you don't have a bunch of images or words that jump at you. One last thing I did was bleed my image off the edge a little and make it larger so that the eye is attracted to it and the slide more, but also to just make it look nicer.
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