Memory Reconstuction

The bell rings, a mob of kids filled the hallways every one of them stopping at their lockers. “Aye Johnny what are you about to do?” an unfamiliar voice said in the distance. I look began looking around but I can’t determine where it came from so I just put on my jacket and walked out the door. I was walking over to the bus stop to head home. Once I got home no one was there, I tried calling my mom, and dad but no answer each and every time. This left me confused they normally are always here before I get out of school. Then my grandma pulls up and tells me to pack my things and that I had to come with her. She says “Your mother and father, left all of us.”

I was confused by this I replied, immediately thinking the absolute worst,

   “What do you mean?!!”

   “ I mean that they probably are not coming back”

    “ Where are they?”

    “None of us know. They just left us a messages saying that you would be left in the house. Alone.”

It couldn’t be true. Why would they leave me behind like that? Do they just not care about me? Why!!?

The sound of the water running while I look at myself in the steamy foggy mirror. “I hate going back to that time.”, I said to myself. My phone begins to ring, “Hello, this is Jonny, CEO of Z-Star, How can I help?”

  “ Boss, we have another orphan.”

“Ok, make sure you take care of them”

I love that I’m able to make sure no one will ever feel the same pain that I did, I will make sure to give them the love and care they deserve. When my parents abandoned me, and I was forced to live with my grandma, it caused me great pain. I wanted to give up on life at that time but instead of ending it all, I managed to make it my motivation to do better.

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I was inspired by Margaret Atwood’s writing style and how she really gave her characters their own personalities and thing like that. I chose to try that approach while writing this, by making his childhood something that would trigger your emotions and cause you to feel bad for him. Then I made it so that he helped the others who had the same kind of issues that he was suffering from.