Mia Concepcion Capstone

As Philadelphia’s 2019-2020 Youth Poet Laureate, the intended goal for this capstone and my laureate project was to create a youth-based poetry anthology, centering around the broad theme of Philadelphia. The collection would have existed in a digital form, and would not only provide a voice for underrepresented poets, but also reveal the vast experiences of life in Philadelphia. Throughout the process of creating this anthology I ran into obstacles, such as realizing the difficulties of creating and distributing physical anthology books by May. Instead, I decided to create an online collection that would be more easily accessible. As time progressed and the number of submissions to the anthology remained low, I further determined that my capstone should be modified to highlight my entire year as Philadelphia’s Youth Poet Laureate. I wanted to create a digital time capsule that shows the various events, readings, performances, workshops, and poetry commissions that I worked hard on throughout my tenure as laureate. The laureate experience taught me invaluable lessons on how to communicate with event coordinators, how to lead as a young person, and how to establish a voice as an artist. This capstone serves to document the civic position for all to see what being the laureate entails, and to show rising young poets that their voices are valuable. This website is a collection of images, poems, documents, and videos that represent my time as Youth Poet Laureate, but it also exhibits just how powerful a young poet’s voice can be.

Capstone Annotated Bibliography