Michael Roth Process Paper

In creating our project, on teen pregnancy, there were some challenges, but for the most part we didn't find ourselves stuck. Initially, we didn't really do that much work on the campaign, but after a little bit we began to formulate ideas, and we soon after carried out the ideas. Personally, I worked most on the presentation itself, our twitter account, and some conceptual ideas relating to the posters that we put up around the school.

We all worked together for most of the project's sections. In fact, one of the first things that we did as a group was have a long brainstorm regarding ideas for the project. In that one brainstorm came most of our final project pieces. We all voiced what we thought might make for an interesting and eye-catching poster, and we also discussed possible other methods of getting our message out, as well as what the message should be.

In the end, we created a twitter and we put up many posters. The twitter was primarily managed by Jeffrey Schwartz, with some input from the rest of us. The posters were put up by Keyaira and Helen, and were designed by all of us. Jeffrey and I created a fake iPhone conversation that was used for both the twitter account and one of the posters. I found a website with (somewhat amusing) reasons to wait until marriage before having sex, and we made a QR code and taped it to our posters.

While we can't say exactly how many people viewed our posters, I can confidently say that many SLA-goers have seen the posters hanging around the school. I think that the five of us made the project well and avoided having any problems. The challenges that we did face, we overcame with ease.