Miriam Sachs Capstone

For my Capstone, I choose to focus on social media marketing specifically for YouTube channels. Before starting, I had a YouTube channel I had created years ago where I uploaded art and filmmaking tutorials. This original channel had an unprofessional name and inconsistent branding. The channel had also become jumbled by making videos about both filmmaking and visual arts.  Instead of continuously making new videos each week as I have done for years, I took a break in uploading to create a new channel to put the filmmaking tutorials on. I named the new channel Amity Filmmaking. Amity means friendly relations, and I choose this word after seeing so many filmmaking tutorials that do not keep audience in mind by not explaining terms for beginners or being almost an hour long for something that takes minutes to do. I wanted to make my channel a student centered educational resource instead of just showing what I could do.  In the process, I learned a completely new application, Adobe Illustrator in order to make my own professional logo, channel art, and thumbnails.  I also learned it is okay to take time to make the videos I want instead of just uploading often, since my subscriber numbers on my original channel continued to grow even though I had not uploaded a video in months. It was better to build a professional channel and launch new videos when ready than rush to upload frequently.

Click Here to Go to my YouTube Channel, Amity Filmmaking: