Modern age

One day during the 7 grade, I was in class with one of my friends, who was sitting next to me. We were getting bored, we were finished all of our class work about a half an hour earlier than everyone else. He pulled up a new article so that we can stay in touch with current event and so I wanted to look smarter than him so I went and looked up new article. After we started to read some story he read into a story to make him laugh and he showed it to me. Epic Apple Pie Revenge. I gave his a look of disbelief from just reading the title told me to wait until i read the rest of the attic. As I continued reading the article it talked about how a guy who was waiting in line in a burger king was getting annoyed by a m=woman and her child because the kid was loud. As the article goes on he said that he went and bought all of the apple pie in the store because of the fact that the woman-child expressed wanting apple pies and when the woman found out she start to go to him angrily before being stopped from the loud line. When I finish reading I looked at him in a shocked and surprised fact saying “how could anyone do that or offered that.”, He looked at me laughing like I have my face painted by a toddler. As he laughed he said that the mother and kid got what they decided for making to much noise. I looked at him trying to hold in my laughter saying “did you forget that this takes place in a burger king and not the a restaurant they were trying to get fast food and the articlel is only one sided.” as he looked over at me we could see that the both of us really don’t care anymore and so we drop the subject. A week and a half later my school gave us the a new bully policy this year they add on two knew things about respecting each other believes and also to try not to cause anger that could lead to yelling and violence. My friend looked at confusedly saying “Why would they add in the last part about do not do thing that could lead to yelling and violence, not like the article that we read a while ago about the guy buying all of the apple pies in burger king was pulling the mother and child.” “Why would you say that, based on the new paper it would be concluded it bullying because at the at the end of the article it said the woman was going after the man before being stopped because of the long line so you could say that she was going to yell or hit him.” I said looking at his confusedly because of his confusion. “Well we don’t know because the story ended and so we don’t know what is going to happen.” as he was talking he was pulling the definition of bullying on webster. I looked at the definition when he pulled up the definition and I looked at him saying. “Well the is only taking in account because of the fact the it only apply to the stereotypical type of bullying and not taking in account the internet and modern bullies.” as I spoke I could see the confusion on his face. “Well there is no modern bully bullying being mean to people” “No bullying is more than just being mean to people and I know that now in days people are using it more loosely but you can say bullying has not changed just look at the article that we read he is clear that he is being mean to a mother that we can only assume that is a working mother and was taking her kid to get fast food,” I said. “Well you are just assuming a lot it and not looking at what the story said” he said boldly. “You have to assume because for the fact that this store is one sided but you have to admit that bullying has changed for kid beating up other kids for lunch money to People people being jerks for other people for a laugh or being mean to other people because of they lifestyle.”