While I was doing this slide I thought about how I would put all the thing about me into one slide. I did alot of other slides before I choose this one. I basically made every thing combine, I used just a few colors, I used the circuler theme to have the reader focus on the topic and then focus on the other thing, and there is repetition with color.
Who is Monisha Das copy
I changed my slide to this, so there will just be one main topic, which is "Who is Monisha Das?". I used the color scheme combination of the colors black and white. I tried to stay simple and not have to much stuff on the slide, this way it will get the message through and not have a confusion. I made these changes because my other slide looked a bit messy and had to much things going on. 
Who is monisha das

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Alexis Dean (Student 2015)
Alexis Dean

Monisha, I noticed that you used the less is more tip that everyone suggested was a way to make a better slide and you minimized the amount of words on your slide. I also noticed that by decreasing the number of words on your slide, you attracted the readers into your theme "who is Monisha Das?" and then the eye is automatically attracted to your picture. Good Job!