Ughh I can’t believe this. I am in a hole!! just waiting for the night to pass. Huh, why did the world have to end on a Tuesday? I mean come on, they could have ended it on a thursday AFTER my promotion at bank of America! At least I’m lucky to be alive. After that ridiculously crazy attack. They destroyed everything. I don’t even know how many people survived. I know I did. But how many people do I know are still alive?

The weirdest part, they seemed to have wiped out all technology. My phone doesn’t seem to be working- AHH its out of power Damn it! (throws the phone away) Okay okay just calm down get a grip now. Everything’s going to be okay. Now how am I going to survive? I know I can get wood from the trees and get a few axes and swords. all I have to do is build a strong house and I’m safe. Of course there is the issue of farming. I can build extensions. Hey! I can build whatever I want! I can build the biggest most luxurious buildings ever created! All I need to do is survive. This new world, with zombies crawling everywhere deserves a good name. But what? It has to me positive. Making things is positive and I know I’m going to be doing a lot of digging. Something like Makedig or Minecreate, Crafttunnel. Hmm, Minecraft? Yes, yes thats it! Minecraft. and I shall continue to survive. Well well what do you know? The sun is back and the zombies are burning up. Time to get out there and punch some wood. (starts to go outside) AHH CREEPER!! (runs back to the house) Well that settles it. I’m building my house UNDERground.

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Kenyatta Bundy (Student 2015)
Kenyatta Bundy

Your obsession with Mindcraft made for a pretty well written monologue. Their are a few spelling, and grammar errors but the paper as a whole was a good idea and pretty well said.