Months of the Year Betty Louis and Sophia Deoliveira

​What you need to know:

1. the Months of the year ins spanish and in English

2. how to use them to remember them

Enereo- Janruary

Febrereo- Febuaray

Marzo- March

Abril- April

Mayo- May

Junio- June

Julio- July

Augosto- August

Septiembre- September

Octubre- October

Noviembre- November

                                                                     Diciembre- December

2) You would normally use these months when ever someone askes you what month is it? You will also need these Months in writing the date.
Ex. Hoy es el quince de Noviembre (Today is November 15th)

3) As you can already see that most of the months of year look and sound similar to the english version of the months of the year. That one of the ways you can remember the spanish version! Since they already look familiar it will be much easier to remember. Just use index cards and practice at home to get a goo vision of how they are exactly spelled and sound like.