More and More Net Neutrality Opinions

My opinion on Net Neutrality? Everyone needs to know about it, teens included, especially even since we are the ones who are going to have to deal with this. We will be voting soon, and we will have influence on the government so it is important for us to make smart, deliberate decisions on how the internet will work. As seen here (, Obama wishes to address this, and even though we wont be able to vote for him, we could vote for someone with similar ideas.
Even though internet as a utility might have its own problems, it is still better than an internet that is controlled by mega-corporations. Though internet as a utility may cost more, at least it won't be controlled and have the cost vary and be terrible and have everyone suffer. The head of the FCC Tom Wheeler ( is and has been involved in ISPs, which are completely biased towards net neutrality. That may affect the way he decides, which is important to know. Make good, informed decisions based on facts.
ISPs are negative because they act as middlemen. Middlemen are always bad because they raise raise prices, which is bad for you. Since they want to make money, they will find the ways to make money best. ISPs could get money from you to get internet, extort money form a website for a fast connection, and then that site charges you more money. This ( Wikipedia article talks about Dumb Pipes, which are internet lanes that just transmit data. ISPs want pipes they can control, so they can get money. It is important to know about this because it gives you information about what they want to do.