More people are helping!

In my previous blogs I wanted to know about why people do this to the animals and the research that I just found gave me some reasons why they do this. Some act on sadistic desires, some act unintentionally, some harming pets with there carelessness. One of the main topics why is systemic the choices we make as a collective. People abuse children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to keep the children quiet about them the parent’s crudity to them. Also the children harm the animals because they want to take our there anger on another victim.


Ways you can help if you know this is happening or not, help the organizations retrieve the animals left behind. If you know someone who cannot take care of there pet find someone who can or call an animal association. If people have problems with animals try and help them through it, everything you do helps.


Pets are a big part of people lives did you know that a child in the U.S is more likely to have a pet then live stay at home father. Did you know that most American Homes have pets then children? Did you know every year 100 million animals die in experiments and tests? Did you know that 70% of the abusers also committed other crimes?  The Internet is one of the biggest sources to find out facts about this topic. This still will be happening even if we are saving some. So if more people know then they can help to. This is my last blog post there was two more about animal cruelly, what I should do is continue my research and find out more because this an strong topic and not only is it with animals but also with children and it should stop now.