Morning rush

​ I looked at the time as I headed out the front door. It was 7:00 am exactly and I had about 14 minutes to walk around the corner and down the street. Just my usual simple 5 minute walk. Though there was sun I didn't feel warm at all. I was regretting that I left my hat and gloves in my bedroom. It was to late to turn back though as on turning onto Emlen Street and walking down. With in no time I was jogging from the corner of Emlen across Carpenter and up the steps to the station. There was only 4 other people on the platform. I assumed that everyone else was inside the little building at the station. Slowing down I walked to the usual spot I stood in the morning. The sound of a wood pecker and a bird chirping kept the area around me from being completely quiet.

 Time seemed to go by slowly as I waited. During this time the platform began to fill with more people. It became packed with some pushing into me. Very few were talking, most just stood watching and waiting. The bird chirping has steadily grew louder. My hands and chin felt numb from the cold. In my mind all I though of was "Where the heck is this train?" Usually the train is maybe 3 minutes late besides the rare occasion of being extremely late or canceled. There were no announcements made over the intercom this morning though. I took out my phone and looked at the time. It was 7:25 now. I decided to stay longer waiting. But I did text my dad to tell him about the train being late so far.

 Couple more minutes passed when the intercom made a screeching sound. The familiar computer recorded voice began to speak "Attention all passenger. There are...currently... technical and electrical issues. Please expect delays.." The voice repeated it again before going off the intercom. I sighed with annoyance that this was happening. Especially with my grand parents being out of town. This meant my second option of getting to school was out the picture. Still though I waited.

 Again the intercom came on. This time though there was a actual person. The woman began to speak. "Excuse me everyone. I am sorry for the inconvenience but it has just been announced Chestnut Hill West is currently having electrical problems with all the wires being down. No inbound or out of bound trains will be running till later today. Sorry again" Her voice faded out as I glared at the intercom. Many people began to leave the station, all angry. My phone showed the time was 7:37. In a huff I stormed down the steps and back across the street calling my dad. Sometimes I really hate the morning rush and septa.