MP1 Art2


A sugar skull is a traditional Mexican mask and candy that is most prominently made during the day of the dead celebration. The candy version of sugar skulls are used to adorn alters and can be eaten. I came up with the design for my mask by vigorously researching traditional sugar skull designs. The design I used on my mask is slightly different from the design I initially sketched. I changed the design for the mask because all the extra details in my sketch would not have fit on it. 

   My first design 

When I began this project, my first step was to sketch a design for my mask. Then, I molded the plaster to the face of my classmate Wynn. After this I allowed the mask time to dry and harden. Once the mask was dry, I painted only the black outlines on it. After that was dry, I painted in the colored sections. To finish off the mask I put a coat of clear gloss on it to give it a shiny exterior. 


Drawing of a hand


Drawing of a face
(Cross eyed Chaplin)